Commercial PV Power Plant - Manavgat, Antalya - Turkey

Commercial PV Power Plant – Turkey, 2017

Manavgat / Antalya - 2.3 MW

CTN Enerji delivers turnkey installation of PV plants and home systems, agriculture irrigation projects, roof-top and carport applications. One of their projects is Antalya Solar GES project which was realized with SMA STP25000TL string inverters and 8.800 PV modules have been installed. Antalya is in the southern part of Turkey with high sunny days yearly, where this Project’s annual yield is about 3.800 MWh. As a contribution to a greener World, this Project will reduce CO2 emissions by ~1.731 tonnes/year.

SMA Sunny Tripower 25000TL

Manavgat, Antalya - Turkey

February 2018

CTN Enerji

Nominal power
2.3 MWp

Annual energy yield
3.8 GWh

CO2 savings
1731 tons/year

System Technology
80 Sunny Tripower 25000TL
2 SMA Cluster Controller
8.800 modules

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