Genç Deği̇rmen Ges Roof-top Konya 1123 KWp

Commercial PV Power Plants – Turkey 2017

Askod Solar, as EPC, has installed numerous buildings with PV plants in the region of Konya and some of the applications area are factories roof-top, farm houses, storage house, universties roof-tops. Among them Genç Değirmen Ges is a big step in order to leave a greener world for future and established the solar energy on their factory and started to supply own electricity. PV system generates power using SMA Sunny Tripower inverters and will help their owners/ operators to save on electricity costs and to reduce CO2 emissions.

Konya - Turkey


Askod Solar

Nominal power
1.123 MWp

Annual energy yield
1550 MWh

CO2 savings
833 tons/year

System Technology
17 Sunny Tripower 60
SMA Inverter Manager
3456 Panasonic modules

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